Steel structure high-rise

Undergraduate studio project, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

Year: 2007

Team: David Zhu, Tian Tian

Professor: Qi Zhou

This project explores the relation between the structural system of high-rise and its form and space. The unique form of the building comes from a combination of a tensile system and a mega structure system. Conceptually an tensile equilibrium could be achieved between the giant columns’ deformation and the tensile force of cables, though we were technically not advanced enough to use structural software to proof it.

WORKSAMPLE_071236 web

Another concern of this project is the impact of a new high-rise to an existing high-density urban context. The footprint of the building shrinks while reaching the ground, making more public space for the heavy pedestrian flow on the ground. The curved facade carves out two major plazas, one for the building’s users, the other for the general public of the whole commercial district.

WORKSAMPLE_071235 web.png

In 2009, Prof. Zhou and his team reused the concept of this studio project and won the design competition for People’s Daily Headquarters in Beijing. The building was completed in 2015. In 2016 it won the A’Design Award. I wasn’t directly involved in the design and documentation of this building

portada_03_Overall_Exterior_ÔÇô_In_Context_03 web


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