Revit plugin: End User Assistant


End User Assistant

The purpose of this tool is to provide assistance for successful implementation of other tools. At the time of this initial release, it works with the other 2 plugins from DZ studio: Revision Cloud Manager and User Editing History. There will be more tools coming in the future, and this plugin’s functionality will expand as needed.


A. Revision Cloud Monitor:

a.User Prompt:

make sure the user is aware that he/she needs to use the “Comments” property of revision cloud to describe what this cloud is about, so Revision Cloud Manager can use the info to generate a narrative.

B. User Editing History

a. History Recorder

It will record all the added/modified/deleted Revit elements between two saves/syncs. It will store the data into a user-specific data element in the project file. The data it collects and stores are basic information such as element name, category, id, time, etc. The stored data is accessible from either this plugin, or from User Editing History plugin.

KNOWN ISSUE: deleted element only has its Element Id information available. If you really want to track down when and how an element was deleted and your archived model has that element, find the element id in your archived model, search in your current model using the same id. Most of the time, element id does not change, but Revit does change it once in a while. Therefore, this plugin cannot guarantee 100% correct history for a deleted element.

b. History Viewer

User can view his/her own history records in the Revit file, so he/she understands what information has been collected.

C. Performance Impact

This allows user to monitor the time spent each time this plugin execute a task, to make sure this plugin has minimum impact on Revit’s performance.


No one wants an additional icon in Revit, especially it cost a little bit of time to load when Revit starts. The reason behind keeping this helper tool separate from other tools that it is supporting, is to ensure minimum performance impact. Unlike other tools, this one is constantly running in the background and monitoring Revit transaction done by the user. We don’t want to have 10 monitors from different tools running for their individual purpose, but rather just one monitor that run and gathers all the info needed all at once.


As always, suggestions for future releases are most welcomed. Feel free to contact me if you want specific function in the plugin, or if your firm has special demands that could be best met by a more customized tool.


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