FAQ on License

Many users asked about license options. Here are my answers for the most frequent questions:

Q: Do I need an Autodesk account to use the app?

A: For paid apps, yes. Every end user needs login in Revit using an Autodesk account, and the app will check the account’s available license before running. The license can be obtained either directly from purchase, or from redistribution from another Autodesk account.

Q: I am a BIM manager, I purchased multiple copies of your app. How do I assign my end users these licenses?

A: See this page’s “Multi-seat license distribution”

App Buyer’s Information

Things to note:

1, Once an end user downloads a copies, one seat is permanently bond to that user’s account.

2, There must be at least one seat remaining on your purchasing account.

Example: you purchased 10 copies of app X, using account Admin, and there are 10 seats under Admin. You send user A a link to let her download app X. Once she downloads app X, 1 seat is considered “consumed”, and that seat is permanently under user A’s account. Now the admin account will have 9 seats. You can redistribute up to 9 seats to 9 end users accounts, leaving minimum of 1 seat under admin account, which is a limitation from the App Store. If the admin account is not one of the end user, and you have 10 end users needing license, as a work around I can manually give you 1 extra seat for redistribution.

Q: I want to use one account for purchasing, and another for management. Is it possible?

A:  Yes there is a way to do that. Instead of purchasing in App Store, you can email me the quantity of seats you need, and the account you want to use to redistribute these seats to end users, I will give you those seats, and send an invoice to the person/account for purchasing.

Q: Is there a floating license option?

A: Sorry, the only options are mentioned above.



2 thoughts on “FAQ on License

  1. Question on Licenses. I see that the option appears to be User Based, tied to a Singer User account. I’m the BIM Manager and I have 2 laptops and 3 workstations. Would I need 5 seats or just 1? ie Is the license truly tied to the User Account or the workstation? How many workstations can I log into at once?


    1. The licenses are only tied to Autodesk Account. There could be one or more licenses under one account. The max number of simutaneous running instances of addin equals to number of license(s) under account(s) login inside Revit.


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