KMUT Sports Center 昆明理工大学体育中心

Design Competition

JZFZ Architecture Design Associates, Chengdu, China. 2010

Team: Liang Li, Min Zhang, Yunfeng Shi, David Zhu

Client: Kunming University of Technology

This is a master planing + building design of a Sports Center for KMUT’s new campus. The program includes an indoor arena, a swimming pool, and a training center for students. The outdoor program includes  a field with at least one side of seating, a practice field, several basketball and tennis field, and a roller blade ground. The major challenge of this project was its tight site dimensions. After extensive circulation analysis and site planning studies, we found a holistic solution that uses the site with highest efficiency.


WORKSAMPLE_071244 web

WORKSAMPLE_071245 web

Yet another challenge was the extremely short time we had for designing an arena that has complex functions. In order to streamline our internal coordination between floor plans, seating bowl and exterior skin, we explored parametric design workflow, to build a parametric skin + structure for the arena, so that the designs of skin and internal functions can be carried on simultaneously, without worrying substantial re-work because of change in the interior.


variations web.png

The form of the arena was inspired by multifaceted diamond, which will clearly represent the school’s reputation as one of the leading institutes to promote the advancement of mining industry in China. Instead of totally mimicking a gem’s multifaceted surface, a triangulated folded surface was proposed. The structure underneath the skin can be a folded plate system, or its variation. The sparkling effect of a gem is achieved by the glass or metal skin of these triangular faces’ reflection.


WORKSAMPLE_071242 web.png


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